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Winter At Coalport Station

Winter Coalport Station

Winter is one of our favourite seasons here at Coalport Station Holidays and offers a unique look of the grounds and surrounding area. The frosty mornings that look beautiful from the comfort and warmth of our carriages and the surrounding woodlands look perfectly picturesque during the winter months. Whether you choose to stay in and enjoy the peace and quiet of the station and have a well earned break or wish to explore the area and the beautiful walks it has to offer, Coalport Station has something for everyone. The surrounding hills and woodlands offer a winter playground for hikers and nature lovers. Guests can embark on frosty trails, discovering the beauty of the Shropshire countryside as snow-covered trees glisten in the soft winter sunlight.

Coalport Station winter

Guests can also expect an array of wintery things to do whilst staying at Coalport Station Holidays. There are plenty of Christmas markets in the months leading up to Christmas where you can experience a variety of local artists, craftsmen, food and drink while searching for unique gifts and decorations. Many of the local pubs and restaurants have a winter menu which can be enjoyed by a warm fire and a great atmosphere. The historical nature of the area means guests can enjoy some very traditional winter experiences that are unlike anything else, the Blists Hill Victorian Town, where you can experience how a Victorian Christmas would have gone, plus their very own ice skating rink, is a must see. 

Coalport Station winter

As winter blankets the landscape with a shimmering coat of snow, there’s no better time to escape to the enchanting Coalport Station Holidays. Nestled in the heart of the scenic Shropshire countryside, this historic railway station turned holiday retreat offers a unique and cosy getaway for those seeking a winter wonderland experience. The station’s rustic ambiance, combined with its picturesque surroundings, creates an idyllic setting for a winter retreat.

Coalport Station Winter

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in the winter magic of Coalport Station Holidays. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures in the snow or cosy moments in the carriages, this historic retreat offers a perfect blend of charm, comfort, and festive cheer. Embrace the beauty of winter in Shropshire and create lasting memories at Coalport Station Holidays.

Frosty Leaves Winter at Coalport Station
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